Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Review: The Best Value Razor For Gentle, Hassle-Free Shaving (2023)

I evaluated the Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor in my review of the best electric razors for women and chose it as the top affordable pick. Below, read my in-depth review of this intuitive grooming tool.

Shaving with a manual razor can be a real hassle. You have to be cautious and go slow. You need to use shaving cream or gel, and replace the blades every few uses for a smooth finish. If you’re not careful or just getting used to shaving, you could really cut yourself. Plus, the whole routine takes up time you could otherwise spend enjoying your shower. The best electric razor for women can do the job more safely and efficiently. It also gives you the flexibility to shave dry and without the use of additional products.

After testing eight models, I found that the Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor Hair Remover has the best combination of unique and helpful features—from its gentle foil blade to its lightweight, familiar design and handy LED light—at a very reasonable price. Read on to learn about why it’s my pick for the best value electric razor for women.

Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor Hair Remover

Blades: One stainless steel, 18kt-gold-coated foil | Attachments: Sensitive skin guard, cleaning brush | Tested charge time: 1 hour | Tested runtime: 2 hours 30 minutes | Tested 5-minute quick-charge runtime: None | Waterproof: Designed to be used dry; razor can be rinsed off | Upkeep: Replace blades every 3 to 6 months | Warranty: 60-day money-back guarantee

Best for:

  • Completely removing body hair
  • Regular use
  • Dry shaving without water, soap or cream
  • Extra-gentle hair removal

Skip if:

  • You need to remove long body hair
  • You want to trim hair rather than shaving it all off
  • You prefer to shave in the shower


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A Gentle, Effective Blade

The Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor looks like a regular manual razor, but the single blade on the business end is housed inside an 18K-gold-plated foil that you can glide up and down, not just in one direction. It didn’t nick or tug at my skin, even the delicate skin under my arm where other razors with multiple blades and fancier foils got snagged and zinged me. Like our best overall pick, this blade snaps into a pivoting head, which follows the curves of your body more naturally than razors without this function.

The other thing I really liked about this razor is how straightforward the blades are to replace. True, other electric razors require less frequent replacements, usually about once a year. But the replacement parts are so hard to find and so expensive (nearly the cost of a whole new razor) that I can’t imagine many people going to the trouble; that means they’re essentially disposable. Finishing Touch Flawless promotes its replacement blades on its website so that they’re easy to find. And given that you only need to change them out every 3 to 6 months, it’s pretty reasonable to do so at $15. I prefer that to throwing away electronics with a rechargeable battery.

A Handy LED Light And Solid Battery Life

My favorite thing about this razor, aside from its familiar, intuitive design, is the LED light. It’s so useful to have a light to better see what you’re doing and whether you’re missing any hairs. Two other razors I tested had a light, but they didn’t work very well—they actually both nicked me, even though I used them as directed. The light on this one is in the right spot to illuminate your path, and it’s bright and wide. I found it to be uniquely helpful.

This razor’s designed to charge fully in about 3 hours, and lasts for 1 hour. That’s a significantly shorter charge time than all of the razors I tested except for our best overall pick, the Philips SatinShave Prestige. It’s a longer runtime than most too, since many razors have a half hour charge.

Simple, Protective Attachments

I liked the SensaGuard attachment that comes with this razor for use on sensitive areas, such around the underarms and bikini line. It snaps on and off easily and does its job effectively; I didn’t get any razor burn even when I went back and forth over the same spot. If you’re looking for a razor and trimmer combination, you might want a device with more attachments, but for everyday shaving I preferred the straightforward design of this razor.

My Expertise

For over a decade now I’ve been a lifestyle reporter and editor specializing in beauty among other topics for magazines and websites like Elle, O, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Allure. I’ve covered hair in every possible way, from styling it for fashion show runways to removing it for trips to the beach. I’ve personally tested IPL devices, epilators (ouch!), DIY wax strips and refillable safety razors, which are my favorite sustainable option. I have always used a manual razor on my legs, though I also use an old Philips trimmer as needed.

To learn more about electric razors and the ones most women seem to prefer, I searched for the popular models online, scouring the sites of major retailers like Ulta, Walmart and Target. I read hundreds of real customers’ reviews, looking for especially positive and negative feedback on pain points like battery life, ineffective blades and durability (or a lack thereof). I also sent my pressing questions to aesthetician and skincare educator Katie Sobelman to find out more about who is a good candidate to use an electric razor, what they do best and how to select and use the best one.

How Does It Compare?

The simple, streamlined design of the Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor makes it optimal for daily shaving outside the shower. Compared with our best pick overall, the Philips SatinShave Prestige, it’s more intuitive to use and less complicated. I like that there are fewer parts to keep up with and that it looks elevated enough to live out on your countertop rather than needing to be hidden away in its pouch. I also really liked its LED light, which the Philips razor doesn’t have. However, it has a little less functionality since it doesn’t have a bikini trimmer attachment, and it takes three times as long to charge, even though both charge much faster than many of their competitors.

How I Tested The Best Electric Razors For Women

I started out with the user manual—I found that the details matter with these grooming tools because some can be used wet and dry and some dry only. Likewise, some recommend using soap or cream, and some explicitly say not to use it. I took notes on the battery charge and runtimes so that I could see how they compared with reality. I also reviewed the cleaning and maintenance instructions to make sure they were simple and doable, and investigated how easy it would be to return the razor if you didn’t like it, or to get your money back (or a new razor) if it broke within the warranty period.

After unpacking each device, I put all their assorted pieces in zip-top plastic bags so I didn’t lose anything, and tried them out on my blond, relatively fine hair and sensitive skin in pairs. I ran them over my legs, underarms and bikini line, then compared the results side by side, eliminating the one that felt less smooth and left more visible hair behind. I tested the winner of that bracket against the next one, and so on until I had four that gave me nice results. To choose my two winners, I tested those four on my husband’s coarser leg hair (thanks, Jim) and compared their prices, return policy, battery and cost.

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