The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (2022)

The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (1)

Tennis shoes are among the most frequently replaced items of tennis equipment.

The demanding nature of the game takes its toll on both the player’s body and their equipment. This is especially true when it comes to a player’s shoes.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (2).

All the running around and chasing the ball from corner to corner can seriously damage your shoes.

If you are an avid tennis player, you already know the struggle to find the perfect tennis shoes every time your favorite ones get taken apart.

More than a dozen internationally recognized tennis shoe brands, each with its own set of benefits.

Therefore, it is best to know each brand and its models individually to identify which ones work best for you!

The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (3)Listed below are some of the best tennis shoe brands and their most highly rated models, along with a three-step cheat sheet to find the best tennis shoe brands that work for you!The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (4)

Best Tennis Shoe Brands

We have compiled some of the best tennis shoe brands and their most appreciated models below.

This list serves as a guide for you to choose the best shoes that work best for you.

Keep in mind this list only includes shoes manufactured to be used on the tennis court. So if you are looking for a comparison of casual athletic wear that can work as tennis shoes, this comparison might not be for you.

These tennis shoe brands and their respective models are selected based on user-experience ratings collected from multiple sources.

The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (5)Our team has analyzed input from avid tennis players from across the globe and put together an impartial list of the best tennis shoe models for men and best tennis shoes for women!

#1. Nike

Despite it being born in 1962, Nike is one of the younger tennis shoe manufacturers.

Nike has transformed tremendously over the years and has now become an inseparable icon for tennis.

The company started as a distributor for another famous brand. However, a few years later, Nike quickly became an individual entity and claimed its fair share of the tennis shoe brands lineup.

Nike’s tennis shoes started enjoying ever-growing popularity among tennis players from around the world in the 70s.

Former world champion Năstase also became a Nike-sponsored athlete during this popular time for the brand.

Even today, Nike enjoys a clear win in popularity over other tennis shoe brands by being the favorite shoe brand for athletes like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal.

Most Popular Nike Tennis Shoes

Some of the most iconic Nike tennis shoes include the Nike Air Zoom series, the Nike Air Max series, etc.

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The Nike Air Zoom series is the most popular among all other Nike tennis shoes and includes Air Zoom Vapor, Air Zoom Cage, and Air Zoom Zero.

  • Air Zoom Vapor – Lightweight, breathable, and responsive, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor series features the most famous tennis shoes, preferred by multiple ATP and WTA professionals.
  • Air Zoom Cage – The Nike Air Zoom Cage carries the mantle of being extra durable and comes with an outsole warranty. These shoes provide extra cushioning to those who prefer them.
  • Air Zoom Zero – The relatively newer addition in Nike’s tennis shoe arsenal, the Air Zoom Zero tennis shoe hybrid between the Vapor and the Cage series. As a result, they offer above-average durability and extra responsiveness when on the court!

Other Nike tennis shoes include the Nike Prestige, Wildcards, the Court lite, and the Flare series.

All these entries are relatively cheaper than the flagship tennis shoes listed above.

The Court lite series is especially recommended for newer tennis players. Similarly, Nike Flare shoes are marketed exclusively for women tennis players.

#2. Adidas

Adolf Dassler established Adidas in 1949 after a feud led him to separate his business from his brother Rudolf Dassler.

Both brothers used to work together in Germany since 1920, under the name “Dassler brothers shoe factory.”

Interestingly enough, after the separation and the establishment of Adidas by Adolf, Rudolf – the other brother – would create another famous shoe brand we know as Puma.

Adidas has been one of the most famous tennis shoe brands. Although not as much as Nike, the Adidas shoes have been associated with many legends.

These include the world number 1, Stan Smith, during the 1970s.

The Adidas “Stan Smith” shoes are an iconic part of tennis history and are revered by fans.

Among more modern players who associate with Adidas tennis shoes are Garbine Muguruza, Angelique Kerber, and Caroline Wozniacki.

👉 Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Adidas tennis shoes.

Most Popular Adidas Tennis Shoes

Among the more popular Adidas, tennis shoes are the Adidas Stycon, the Adizero series, the Barricade series, and the Court series.

  • Adidas Barricade – Adidas Barricades, although discontinued in 2018, is undoubtedly one of the most loved Adidas tennis shoes ever to exist. The Barricade series enjoyed almost 20 years of unrivaled high-performance and durability scores!
  • Adidas Court Series – The Adidas Court series replaced the legendary barricade series to modernize their lineup. The Court series boasts impressive durability, agility, and comfort at varying price points.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (6)
  • Adidas Adizero Series – The Adizero series from Adidas features lightweight and responsive tennis shoes for maximum comfort and agility. The Adizero series is also more breathable than their Court counterparts.

Adidas also offers cheaper options for newer tennis players, like the Adidas Game Court and the Court Jam.

#3. Asics

Asics is another popular tennis shoe brand offering high-quality, premium tennis shoes.

The brand started in 1949 under the name “Onitsuka Co.” Their shoes were originally distributed by a company known as Blue Ribbon Sports.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (7)

Onitsuka Co. used to make all kinds of sports shoes, including basketball shoes and general running shoes. Interestingly enough, their distributor, the Blue Ribbon sports company, later became the Nike we know today!

Asics does not enjoy the popularity level that Adidas and Nike have gained over the years.

However, Asics is still one of the best tennis shoe brands globally, creating tennis shoes of all varieties that come in all sorts of price ranges.

Some modern tennis players that support Asics tennis shoes include David Goffin, Alex De Minaur, and the world-famous tennis player Novak Djokovic.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (8)

The three of the most popular Asics tennis shoes are the Court FF, the Gel Resolution, and the Asics Solution Speed FF.

All three of these are premium tennis shoes with a hefty price tag.

Other affordable options include the Gel dedicate and the Gel Game series. The Asics Court Speed series is an exclusive series of tennis shoes for women.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (9)

  • Asics Gel Resolution – The Asics Gel Resolution series boasts high durability, among other premium features. The flagship series utilizes a unique Gel technology to provide extra protection and an outsole warranty.
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – The FF in the Asics Solution Speed FF stands for the Flyte Foam technology, a premium solution for comfortable running. The Solution Speed FF is an upgrade over the Asics Gel Resolution series.
  • Asics Court FF – The Asics Court FF shoes are arguably the most advanced tennis shoes Asics offers. These employ both the Gel and the midsole Flyte Foam technology to provide an extra layer of cushioning and on-court comfort.

#4. K-Swiss

K-Swiss is another household name for popular tennis shoe brands in the world. The company was started in 1966 by two Swiss brothers who decided to bring the “Swiss magic” to tennis footwear.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (10)

K-Swiss has enjoyed an undeniable reputation over the years as one of the finest tennis shoe brands.

However, the company’s real success was evident in the 90s when the company associated with Steven Nichols.

The K-Swiss footwear started with the idea of bringing more durability to tennis footwear.

The company made it possible by employing leather to make the original K-Swiss classic tennis shoes, gaining inspiration from skiing.

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The leather reinforced K-Swiss Classics provide more durability during the lateral movements on the court.

The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (11)Some of the best-known K-Swiss shoes include the K-Swiss Aero tennis, the K-Swiss Ultrashot Tennis, and the Hypercourt series.

Popular K-Swiss Tennis Shoes

  • K-Swiss Aero – The K-Swiss Aero tennis shoes feature breathability and aerodynamics beyond comparison. These are the lightest tennis shoes ever produced by K-Swiss throughout the company’s history.
  • K-Swiss Ultrashot series – The K-Swiss Ultrashot series shoes are tough, as they are made from highly durable high-density rubber.
  • K-Swiss Hypercourt Express – The Hypercourt series is wildly popular and the most engineered tennis shoes in the K-Swiss lineup. These feature extreme durability combined with enhanced breathability to make for a comfortable on-the-court experience.

#5. New Balance

The New Balance company has a long history of varied product lineups that ultimately led them to become one of the best tennis shoe brands in the world.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (12)

The company started with orthopedic footwear during the first half of the 1900s. However, it wasn’t until 1938 that the company launched its first athletic footwear.

Even though the company started producing athletic footwear for sports after the 1950s, their primary interest was still orthopedic footwear.

During the 1970s, New Balance was voted the number 1 running shoe manufacturer by the Runner’s World Magazine.

New Balance is peculiar in that they sport non-traditional narrow-width tennis footwear.

Generally, a higher number in the New Balance shoe model name represents a more advanced technology used for it.

However, this is not always true but can be used as a general guide when shopping for tennis shoes.

New Balance Best Features

New Balance’s best tennis shoes include the Fresh Foam Lav, the New Balance FuelCell 996, and 1006.

The Fresh Foam Lav is an exclusive men’s tennis shoe series by New Balance. These shoes offer tremendous balance and stability, combined with durability.

The 1006 series offers durable and comfortable tennis shoes for both men and women, with an outsole guarantee and the REV-lite midsole technology.

Lastly, the New Balance 996 series features a nylon knit upper and a midsole cushioning feature to allow for extra comfort on the court.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (13)

#6. Fila

Although Fila is over 100 years old as a company, its footwear history is much shorter.

The company started as a textile company, which later found its way into undergarments.

However, it wasn’t until the late 90s that Fila started making athletic footwear for basketball and other sports.

The brand got exposure in tennis courts when Bjorn Borg won Grand Slams in the 70s wearing Fila clothing.

Their tennis footwear market share, albeit small, features some of the best tennis shoes in the world.

Fila Axilus Energized

Fila Axilus Energized tennis shoes are one of the most popular tennis shoes in the world. Released in 2018, the Axilus Energized focus was on mobility and comfort.

These shoes are also durable enough and come with a 6-month durability guarantee.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (14)

#7. Lotto

Lotto is an Italian tennis shoe brand with a rich history. The company started in 1939 but only got its tennis courts exposure in 1973.

In the 1970s, the company enjoyed almost miraculous growth in the tennis courts, as the former world number 1, John Newcomb, wore their tennis shoes in the court without a brand sponsorship!

Lotto also expanded into athletic footwear for other sports, including soccer.

The modern tennis athletes that sport the brand’s tennis shoes include Kevin Anderson, John Millman, Kristyna Pliskova, and Alison Riske.

Some best-selling tennis shoes by Lotto include the Mirage 100, Mirage 200, Mirage 300, the Stratosphere, and Space.

These tennis shoes are designed for both men and women, with comfort and resilience in mind.

#8. Babolat

Babolat has a rich history associated with Tennis, as the company has been creating tennis accessories for well over a century now.

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In 1875, the founder of the company, Pierre Babolat, created the first natural-gut tennis strings for the game.

These strings are still in use today and offer fantastic playability that many of the top tennis players prefer over synthetic strings.

The company started creating tennis frames in 1994, almost 100 years after its inception.

Despite the company’s age, their tennis shoe making history is short compared to other companies listed above. For example, Babolat only started creating tennis shoes in 2003.

The company relies on Michelin for its ultra-durable rubber to provide midsole comfort solutions in their tennis footwear.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (15)

This imparts the Babolat tennis shoes an undeniable advantage in extreme on-court situations.

Best Tennis Shoes by Babolat

  • The Babolat Propulsive line – The Babolat Propulsive lineup is famous for its durability and is designed to last long on the court.
  • The Babolat Jet line – The Babolat Jet series focuses more on agility and maneuverability than any other aspect. This is why these shoes are highly aerodynamic and light, providing faster movements on the court.
  • The Babolat SFX series – The SFX series offers a mid-range, comfortable option for newer tennis players.

#9. Head

Founded by an aeronautical engineer named Howard Head. Headis another company with a rich background in designing accessories for the game of tennis.

The company’s initial projects didn’t include Tennis, but were focused more on creating the ideal skis out of metal instead of traditional wood that made the skis much heavier.

During the latter half of the 20th century, Howard Head and his company diverted their focus towards improving traditional wooden rackets used in tennis by introducing aluminum as the base material.

This made the rackets much lighter and thus more maneuverable.

However, their expeditions with the tennis rackets didn’t stop there, and Head intended to create the first-ever titanium and graphite tennis rackets.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (16)

Nowadays, the company is also recognized as one of the leading tennis shoe brands in the world.

The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (17)The three most recognized tennis shoe lineups by Head are listed below.

  • Head Sprint – a lightweight, agility-focused tennis shoe series that provides the player with fast movements to counter those tricky smashes across the court. In addition to this, the Sprint is also a durable tennis shoe lineup, thanks to the Super Fabric technology.
  • Head Revolt- features durable, hefty tennis shoes that don’t take no for an answer. The revolt series come with a 6-month outsole warranty.
  • Head Brazer – The Head Brazer is an exclusive tennis shoe series carried by the Tennis Express.

#10. Diadora

Diadora is another Italian tennis shoe brand on the list, founded in 1948 by Marcello Danieli.

Marcello and his wife started by making mountain climbing footwear.

This venture led them to focus on many sports, including skiing, soccer, and track-running, before finally reaching the point where they started making footwear for tennis.

Diadora experienced exploding fame in the 1970s when Bjorn Borg sported their footwear in tennis championships.

This fame only increased in the 1980s, with players like Pat Cash and John Alexander rocking the Diadora tennis shoe brand.

However, Diadora holds a small share of the tennis footwear market at the moment.

Some modern players that Diadora sponsors include Davidovich Fokina, Taro Daniel, Lauren Davis, and Shelby Rodgers.

Diadora Tennis Shoe Lineup

Diadora BlueShield Tennis Shoes – The BlueShield line is the most expansive tennis shoe lineup by Diadora.

They generally feature some well-rounded and affordable tennis shoes. However, the BlueShield focuses more on comfort and resilience, while the BlueShield Flys boast improved agility stats.

Diadora Star K – The Star K Elites are heavy-duty, durable tennis shoes, while the Star K Aces focus more on comfort and making the footwear more breathable.

Diadora Speed Competition – This is a well-rounded footwear lineup by Diadora that is also affordable.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (18)

#11. Yonex

There have been so many companies on this list that started with a completely different purpose than what they are famous for today, and Yonex is no exception.

Everyone knows the company as one of the leading Tennis and badminton racket manufacturers. However, when it started, Yonex initially served a very different purpose.

The founder of Yonex, Minoru Yoneyama, founded the company to create wooden frames of fishing nets.

However, soon getting out of business in their primary niche, the company started looking for other opportunities.

One of the new ventures for this company was to start making badminton rackets. The company soon followed with tennis rackets and gained a reputation over the years.

Although not as much as their racket lineup, Yonex’s tennis shoes lineup is top-rated among many modern tennis players.

Currently, the company offers three different tennis shoe lineups: the Eclipsion, the Fusion Rev, and the Sonicage.

#12. Wilson

Wilson is a big name in Tennis, as many modern players, including Serena Williams, use their modern frames.

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Wilson is also a well-known tennis strings brand, creating both artificial and natural gut tennis strings.

However, Wilson also features various tennis shoes that resonate with many modern tennis players.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (19)

Although these shoes are good, Wilson is still not nearly as popular in their shoe lineups as other tennis shoe brands.

Currently, the company offers the Wilson Rush Pro series that focuses on being extra tough in extreme situations on the tennis court.

The Wilson Kaos tennis shoes are designed to bring forth agility and comfort to the spotlight.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (20)

The Wilson Amplifeel is unique tennis shoes that offer greater balance and support, thanks to their ankle-strap locking system.

#13. Mizuno

Mizuno is a Japanese company with a rich background in sporting goods.

Throughout most of the 20th century, Mizuno focused on creating sporting equipment of all sorts, including skis, baseballs, baseball gloves, and other equipment.

While Mizuno is much more famous for their running shoes, the company has made a name for themselves as one of the best tennis shoe brands.

Their tennis shoes lineup includes the Wave Exceed Tour, the Wave Exceed SL, and the Wave impulse.

The Wave Exceed Tour features the famous “Wave” technology by Mizuno. This allows their shoes to provide extra cushioning for the soles while keeping the whole thing compact and lightweight.

#14. Prince

Prince, an American tennis apparel company, gets its name from its birthplace: Princeton, NJ.

The company started with tennis ball machines but later, in association with Howard Head – the founder of Prince, developed the first aluminum tennis racket with an oversized frame.

Today, Prince Rackets are supported by many modern tennis players, including David Ferrer and Maria Sharapova.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (21)

They have also dabbed into the mix of being one of the tennis shoe brands.

Currently, Prince only features one tennis shoe series: the T-22.

How to Select Tennis Shoes like a Pro?

Now that you know which tennis brands offer the best and the most popular tennis shoes, you might be interested in knowing how to select one for yourself.

Simply knowing which tennis shoes are best is not enough. When choosing tennis shoes for yourself, you need to consider three important factors to properly select the type of shoes that will help your game. The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (22)

The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (23)Here is a three-step blueprint on choosing the best shoes from any tennis shoe brands.

#1. Consider Where You Play

The first thing that you should focus on, before moving on to anything else is the surface where you play.

Your shoes will be in contact with the playing surface all the time. Therefore, it is only fair that you consider this factor as the first and foremost one.

Different tennis shoes are made for different types of playing surfaces. Some are hard-court shoes, while others are soft or clay-court shoes.

There is also a third category for newer players: the all-court tennis shoes.

The Hardcourt and the Soft court shoes are intended for professional and expert player use. The all-court shoes are more focused on recreational play rather than professional play.

The Hard-surface shoes have midsole cushioning that provides durability and comfort when playing on hard concrete.

The clay-surface shoes also feature a midsole, but it is closer to the ground, imparting better agility to the player.

The cushioning on the all-court shoes varies depending on the model of the shoe.

#2. Match Your Style

Almost all tennis shoes are meant for speed, cushioning, or stability.

There are, of course, shoes that feature all three, but these hybrid models don’t provide a comparable level of performance with each of these independently.The 10+ Best Tennis Shoe Brands (Complete Buyer's Guide) June (24)

You need to determine the requirements of your playing style and go for the type of shoes that complement it.

#3. Be Mindful of the Right Fit

Choosing from the best tennis shoe brands is highly dependent on your preferences, as already explained.

One of the biggest factors influencing your game is how well-rooted you remain to the ground. This is determined by the type of fit your shoes provide you with.

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When choosing the perfect tennis shoes for yourself, consider walking around and checking for the right fit in the forefront, the middle, and the sole area, carefully weeding out problems, if any.


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