US – Euro Clothing and Shoe Size Conversion Chart (2023)

Because fashion shopping can sometimes seem like a little bit of a minefield, we’ve decided to make it a bit easier by working out and making clear the conversions when it comes to sizing. We covered the US to UK size differences recently and showed the main differences in size when it comes to different brands and today, we’ll take a look at the United States to Euro sizing.

US – Euro Clothing and Shoe Size Conversion Chart (1)

When you’re looking at sizing between the US and European labels, you have to bear in mind that sizes will still differ slightly between different brands no matter where they’re based. The best thing to do when purchasing online is to check the brand tips on sizing if they have them available. Often, they will state if the piece runs particularly big or small which will help you when decided which size to opt for.

Let’s start with women’s size conversion charts. Scroll down if you’re looking for US to Euro men’s or kids sizing charts.

Women’s Clothing Size Conversions US to European

When it comes to women’s sizing in Europe, it’s easy to get your head around once you’ve gotten used to it. Instead of the sizing being 8,10,12, in Europe, the sizing is 38,40,42. So, as long as you know that a US size 8 equates to a European size 38, you can work your way up through the sizes from there. Going up 2 figures at a time, the same as the US.

For example, if you’re looking for a US women’s size 8, you need to order a European size 38 to get the right size. If you’re looking for a US women’s size 14, you’ll want to order a European size 44.

It is also worth remembering that in general, European sizing runs slightly smaller than US sizing. So even though a size 8 in US is a European size 38, it might still run slightly smaller than you’re expecting. Lots of designers and brands will have additional information available on each piece of clothing on the website if they run specifically small compared to the average.

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If you don’t like your clothing too fitted, it might be worth sizing up to make sure you get a comfortable fit.

Check out the size chart below to find your exact size and the European equivalent.

US – Euro Clothing and Shoe Size Conversion Chart (2)

Women’s Shoe Size Conversions US to European

Shoe sizes can sometimes be tricky and when it comes to the difference between US women’s shoe sizing and European women’s shoe sizing, there’s not a simple rule to explain the conversion but the chart below should help you out.

For example, if you’re a US women’s shoe size 6, then you need to order a European size 37. If you’re a 9 US shoe size, then you’ll need a size 40.

Check out the shoe size conversion chart below to makes things as simple as possible.

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Men’s Clothing Size Conversions US to European

We’d never leave the men out when it comes to sizing so make sure if you’re buying something for yourself or a treat for someone else that you check the sizing charts to make sure you’ve found just the right thing that is sure to fit perfectly.

Much like the US to UK sizing guide, when it comes to men’s sizing, it’s usually fairly straightforward. Labeled either in S, M, L, XL, etc. or measurements, there is not a conversion in the same way as with womenswear.

The main thing to consider is measurements for jacket and chest sizes, as well as waists and leg lengths can differ. Take note whether the measurements are in inches or metric units, as this will make all the difference when deciding which size to opt for.

Men’s Shoe Size Conversions US to European

Looking at men’s shoe sizes, some people talk about foot-length, but really it doesn’t tend to make the conversion any easier. Instead, let’s keep it simple and just add our men’s shoe conversion chart for US to European and you can find your perfect size instantly.

US – Euro Clothing and Shoe Size Conversion Chart (4)

Kid’s Clothing and Shoe Size Conversions US to European

You can’t forget the kids when it comes to finding the right sizes online and the differences between US sizing for kids and European sizing might not be exactly as you imagine. Take a look below and check which size your kids are in the US to work out which size you need to be buying if you’re treating them to something from Europe.

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US – Euro Clothing and Shoe Size Conversion Chart (5)

Moving onto kid's US to Euro shoe sizes, it can be pretty complicated. There isn't an exact math to working this out so it best to just check the chart and remember which size your little one's shoe size converts to! Here's a chart with the info.

US – Euro Clothing and Shoe Size Conversion Chart (6)

When we talk about Euro sizing, you might not think it majorly applies to you. However, when you’re shopping on Shop It To Me and enjoying the benefits of all those delicious discounts, you might just come across a brand-new brand that you’ve never heard of that happens to be from France or Italy and then you won’t know which size to opt for!

That’s where this blog might come in handy.

Not sure if you’d ever shop European brands so not sure if this blog really applies to your shopping? Ever shopped Gucci or Jimmy Choo? How about A.P.C or H&M? The brands that you’ve heard of a hundred times might have surprising sizing when it comes down to making a purchase so you always need to make sure you’ve checked the conversion and nailed your choice to avoid any annoying returns later down the line.

US – Euro Clothing and Shoe Size Conversion Chart (7)

Why Do I Need to Know About International and European Sizing?

Well, maybe you don’t. And maybe you only usually shop all-American brands for everything from lingerie to outerwear and everything in between. However, have you ever had a think about all the yummy fashion goodness you might be missing out on if you don’t shop a little more globally?

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At Shop It To Me, we love all brands from near and far. Whether it’s a label from New Zealand or Australia or a fashion designer from Italy or France, if it’s fashion we love, we want to know about it. And the best bit? If you sign up to Shop It To Me, you get to learn about all the best deals and sales as soon as the price drops online. Sign up, add your preferences (sizes and brands you love) and receive emails when the things in your size from your favorite labels hit the sale. Simple as that.

Sounds perfect, right?

When shopping internationally, sizing conversions can seem a little tricky. However, when you look into it and get your head around it with our easy size guide, you’ll soon get the hang of how to convert to make sure you’re always choosing a size that’s going to work. If you never thought shopping internationally and in European stores would be an issue for you, get yourself signed up to Shop It To Me and open to doors to a whole new world of designer and high street brands, available through one simple platform.

Feel like saving and nabbing the best fashion picks on the web?

Yeah, we thought so!

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Sign up to Shop It To Me today and remember to check out the blog, where you can find our top shopping tips, more advice on shopping the sales internationally, plus all things style and outfit building from our expert fashion stylists!


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